Guest Satisfaction

Guest Satisfaction at The Laurels of Gahanna

The Laurels of Gahanna believes that guests and families are in a better position to evaluate the care of a nursing facility than an external agency. Laurel Health Care Company voluntarily contracts with My Innerview to conduct guest and family satisfaction surveys.

My Innerview is the largest independent guest satisfaction company in the United States. Approximately one in three nursing homes utilize My Innerview to conduct guest and family satisfaction surveys. Laurel Health Care Company believes that using an third-party, unbiased research company to determine guest satisfaction is the best way to measure its care and caring.

The Laurels of Gahanna distributes My Innerview satisfaction surveys to former short-stay guests upon their discharge and mails satisfaction surveys to the responsible parties of long-term guests each spring and fall. The completed surveys are then mailed directly to My Innerview and tabulated. Laurel Health Care Company sees only the tabulated results and any voluntary comments.


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